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Just making a New post

2009-05-30 10:40:23 by StarScythe

Just making a new post because I can :D

Btw, This is a picture of my bunny, Enjoy :P!

Just making a New post

My New Upgraded Logo

2008-01-24 04:08:53 by StarScythe

Do NOT steal or claim this image as your own
If you see my Logos anywhere, it should be me, feel free to PM me

My New Upgraded Logo

Check out my music playlists

2008-01-24 04:03:04 by StarScythe

Here: rn/musicland.htm


2008-01-22 01:19:41 by StarScythe

I joined newgrounds because i wish to create and produce music, im still not to good at it yet but I'll get better, i have very little flash expirience too but anyways, the more the merrier, right?
Btw the images in my banner are my logos, do not steal or claim them as your own,
but who'd wanna right? =P